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September 16, 2003
alright... finally a semi-update... since my roommate is now advertising the site on his car i figured i should clean it up and crap like that... planning to add an xbox-modding section soon, and some other changes coming...

April 23, 2003
finally got the domain back online... i screwed up and didn't renew the domain registration and had to wait til i could re-register it... but finally got it all squared away... updated the myroom.txt file which is a text blueprint of my game layout... since we moved at the beginning of this month it had to be changed... me and my roommate moved into a 2 bedroom since our other roommate moved out... i've been really busy with school and work and stuff lately so i havent really been playing or working on my games... and havent gotten anything new lately... joust will be going to my friend steve's house soon... i'm probably going to put the multiwilliams kit in that before it goes... not sure yet... not much else to talk about but i'm glad to have my lame presence back online...

February 03, 2003
dang, my first update of the year and its already february (and almost my birthday, what are you getting me?) so i don't really have much to say, been way busy with school and work and my pathetic attempt at a social life... but i do have some well laid plans ahead... i've scrapped (mostly) the idea of putting the multiwilliams into smash tv, instead i'm going to put a MAME pc in there as the third option on the multijamma (that way i can still play smash tv and total carnage from the real pcbs) and then put the multiwilliams into my joust (which gets the least play of all my games)... i dunno, we'll see what happens... at least i put up something

December 17, 2002
i'm working on the site a little (new design) and working on my smash tv multigame... i got the multiwilliams boardset running, still have to build a control panel for it, but robotron and splat are playable with the smash tv control panel... pics to come... i got free business cards made, they're cool... here's a pic (click to enlarge)... i dunno if i'll actually use them but they're cool anyway... i still need to get the galaga enhancement pack from arcadeshop... and bulletproof my dig dug monitor (works half the time) and fix my joust sound and get a tron and a donkey kong and a sinistar cockpit :)

November 19, 2002
quick update tonite, check out the multi board galaga page i put up, for now just brainstorms, but it should be an interesting project, more painful wiring than anything else... we'll see what happens... check out the page for more info, but basically with my real multijamma set up i'm inspired to have more like it... and this is the cheapo version for my galaga to play galaxian and galaga 88 also...

November 17, 2002
alright, here's the deal finally on the smash tv that i got... its a dedicatd 25inch smash tv, with clay cowgill's multiJamma kit in it along with total carnage and robotron boardsets! talk about sweet! and i got the whole setup for $300 with a bad monitor, which i replaced with one for $75 from a friend of mine... i'm so excited about it... so my plan is to install my williams multigame into the robotron inside it and then have the ultimate multiwilliams: robotron, joust, defender, stargate, bubbles, splat, and smashTV and total carnage (ok, midway, but still) its gonna be so cool...

i just ordered a Needhams PB-10 eprom burner last night so i can start burning my own roms, i hope that works out ok, i've never done it before so expect a bunch of idiotic posts on rgvac soon... i'm gonna have to burn my multiwilliams roms, and my joust needs a new sound rom, and the total carnage boardset has the early romset so i might upgrade that to the newest set... anyway enough babbling for now, check out the galaga and smash tv pages soon

October 24, 2002
i picked up a smash tv last night, great deal, i'll put up details in a few days... its gonna be so sweet!

October 18, 2002
working on the new site layout still... and i'm gonna add my new galaga page soon... thats about it for now...

October 4, 2002
doing some layout changes to my site, nothing major for now, the game pages changed a little... more work to be done but i'm going to bed soon... nothing new as far as games or progress on my games...

September 23, 2002
wow, an update... since its been a while i figured i would... especially cuz i have an itch for a new game again... i want a warlords cocktail or a ms. pac or a galaga or something, or maybe a vector game, or maybe gauntlet... i dunno exactly, something... there isn't much new as for my collection... robotron's running great, i still need to fix joust's sound... and my dig dug monitor is still screwed up... doesn't turn on most of the time... i'll figure it out... my hook and tetris ct are still at my parents house...

i recently got a new digital camera, so expect good pictures of my games and other stuff coming soon... and i'm slowly working on a new format for my game pages, so keep an eye out for that... also the 1000th visitor on my new counter (which will make 8,238 since i began my webpage) will be coming up soon... anyway, thanks for reading and expect more updates soon!

May 25, 2002
wow... well there's haven't been many updates lately, but i've been working on the site if you haven't noticed... there's a guestbook on the left edge under the menu, pretty cool... leave a note if you like the site, or if you hate the site, whatever... also tonite i added a search feature to the site (if you can't tell, i'm trying to learn a little perl, thats why i'm adding them...) so try it out... its working good now, but i need to narrow it down so it only searches the content and not the code (try searching for #004080 or something, heh) anyway, its 3:30am on saturday now, time to go to bed... l8r

May 2, 2002
well its been like 9 months since my last update... pretty bad since i actually spend money to host this lame site... anyway i'm too tired to actually explain whats been going on in all this time, but i thought i'd throw an update up here to let visitors know i haven't forgotten about the site... i'm working on some tech stuff for it now... anyway, l8r

August 30, 2001
ok like it hasnt been long enough since my last update... well a lot has changed, my collection is down to robotron, joust, dig dug, scramble, tetris, and hook... i havent been doing much with collecting recently (besides selling games :( but CAX is coming up soon so i'm excited about that... everythings working good these days (except for a little snaffu with my dig dug i found today :( but thats all thats new, just cleaning up the site a little... and i'll be adding offroading and r/c car racing to the mix soon cuz i've been getting into those lately... i sold my galaxian today (good luck russ) and my ms. pac will be gone next week so i took it off here (good luck steve)... heh, anyway, later

June 25, 2001
i've been terribly busy with visiting relatives, work, my new truck, and my computer dying on me lately... finally another update... i got my joust finally on june 12 (i think) its cool... but i need new ram chips for it (they keep failing) i'm putting up some pics now of it... info to come... also pics of my new truck are up here, an 81 toy 4x4...

June 2, 2001
well... since i havent updated in almost a month i figured it was time... nothing really new surprisingly... i'm trying to cut back on buying games, but i purchased a joust last week (still awaiting its delivery) but i made space by giving away my empty extra ms pac cab today... so i should get the joust soon (got it from a local arcade owner... 300 bucks :) i'm trying to by a truck soon... still looking for a good one, something i can take offroading and move around these damn games with... also have become interested in my old hobby of gas r/c cars... i plan to start racing this summer... for fun... so i'll probably be adding an r/c car section and a "my truck" section soon enough, keep an eye out :) i'll work on updating more often

May 6, 2001
after that post of nothingness i decided to clean up the site a little... i added the background picture... let me know how you like it... just trying something new... i also updated the "my collection" page... and i might move that little pic i quickly put together onto the main page somewhere for fun, we'll see...

May 5, 2001
i thought i'd do an update since i haven't in forever... not much new to post though, my galaxian is working fine, just got a new control panel for it, with an original joystick... ms. pac project has been on hold for a while (been busy with work and stuff) but i'll be back to working on that very soon... thats about it for now... i want a dirt bike (if you wanna trade your dirt bike for a game or two let me know :) and need a car... and want a go-kart... and thats it for now i guess (ok an airplane would be nice too)...

April 22, 2001
woo hoo! got my galaxian working tonite... very exciting... it still needs a lot of cosmetic restoration work... but at least i can play it :)... now to get my ms pac working, muah ha ha... anyway... thats it for now... (ps: frank if you read this still email me gwarble@hotmail.com since i never see you on anymore)

April 20, 2001
nothing new really... did a little work to get my galaxian up and running (to no avail) and am waiting on getting the new ms pac cab and getting a working on of those soon... thats about it for now

April 12, 2001
finally added pics and pages for my new ms pac and galaxian... hopefully will finally be getting my joust soon... and hopefully buying a dune buggie thingie, not arcade related but cool anyway :-)

April 5, 2001
ok i updated my parts page... added everything i have i think and took off the stuff i've gotten rid of... still need to update the my collection page as well as make a ms pac and a galaxian page... blah

April 4, 2001
i didnt even upload last night cuz i wanted to fix some page stuff... i made the menu buttons act more like buttons, and i changed the links to be yellow instead of backgrounded in yellow... i still need to make my ms pac and galaxian pages, so dont try to go to em...

April 3, 2001
ok its been a while since an update... went to an auction in san jose this weekend (on sat, march 31st) and it was pretty lame... i only wish i had more room, it woulda been nice to have a 25 dollar stun runner or a 50 dollar roadblasters cockpit... oh well... that morning before the auction i traded my space duel for a ms pac project, a galaxian project, and a weird modern jamma cabaret... they are gonna take a ton of work to fix up, and the ms pac has needs structural work as well as artwork work... so i dunno how they are gonna pan out but we'll see... updated the site with these collection changes... thats about it for now

March 24, 2001
got bored today so i decided to add the repro database i had mentioned i would on rgvac... if you know of anyone that does any repro work let me know and i'll add the site

March 22, 2001
been working a lot again, not many updates... no changes (site or collection) still but i'm pretty for sure trading my space duel for ms pac, galaxian, and jamma cabaret projects... should be fun to play around with, i'll miss the space duel though... i play it kind of a lot... oh well, i want a ms pac project

March 16, 2001
finally another update... well nothing much new (my site or my collection) but i posted to RGVAC to trade my space duel and got a couple interesting offers... we'll see what pans out... and still waiting to get the joust... anyway... someone will be visitor 7000 soon!!! i'm so dang excited... you can send in a snapshot if you're the one... but i dont think i have a t-shirt or anything for you... sorry :-)

March 10, 2001
started my PC2SCRAMBLE project (which will eventually be a pc2jamma) i wired up the fingerboard and built the audio amp, my first circuit board of the type... havent tested it yet, but i will tomorrow... also building a pc for the project...

March 9, 2001
been working again a lot (read: not as many updates) but i changed the site again a little and finished my tetis (mostly) and am still trying to get a joust... nothing else much new

March 3, 2001
big change to the site today... you might not notice it, but the corner up in the top left is now a smooth curve down behind the menu... no so square-like as before... i kinda like it... also made the corner graphic multiple games not just one... lemme know how you like it, or not

March 2, 2001
i put the topglass on my dig dug finally! my brother made me a new top wood for it... turned out ok, but i couldnt get ahold of a slot cutter for the t-molding... since i painted the wood black anyway i just left it for now, i'll add the t-molding eventually... i took some pics, they are on the dig dug page now... i installed a cap kit in my scramble... didnt really make it look better (its a little dim, but it might just be the game) but nice to get it out of the way :)

February 28, 2001
worked on my truck again some more, didn't get it smogged though... fixed some lights and a wiring problem to the running lights, and changed some fuses... got a job today... i'm gonna clean up my site a little tonite

February 27, 2001
working on the site some more... i am pretty pleased with the outcome at the moment... worked a little on my truck today, and got it registered today... gotta get it smogged tomorrow though, wish me luck

February 26, 2001
worked on my truck and motorcycle a little today... but i did re-bondo a couple spots on the tetris cp's, sanded em down, and primed them today... tomorrow i'll paint em black and maybe apply the cpo's... have a lot to do to my truck i'm gonna try and get done tomorrow, so i might just set em up as black panels for the time being... we'll see... also working on getting a joust, wish me luck... and i changed the look of the site a little... sperated the words and pic at the top, added the little list right above this of my collection... still getting compliments on the site, i'm surprised people see this site... i'm flattered though... i am going to focus some time on getting some artwork scans up here and some tutorials up here... not just links... peace

February 24, 2001
spent most of the day cleaning out/up my truck... looking better... still a shitter though :) sanded down my excessive bondo on my tetris control panels (note to self: be conservative with the bondo) but they will look nice when i paint em tomorrow and apply the cpo's whenever... thanks for visiting... i've had a few people comment on my site, that makes me feel special :)

February 23, 2001
getting closer to finishing my tetris, bondo-ed the extra holes in the cp and need to sand em down, paint em, and apply the new cpo's... finish wiring up the new sticks and it'll be finished!! i got my new centering grommets for robotron today and installed em... they are a little tight for my tastes, but i assume they will loosen up. i bought a truck today... a total piece of trash... but i'll be able to move games in it... i just hope it passes smog. and i ordered clay's multi williams kit today... gotta build a control panel for my robotron to play defender and joust (and stargate, splat, and bubbles) so that will be fun... also gotta design and print a cpo for it and maybe a header for the cabinet... we'll see

February 21, 2001
ok, i finished the underlay for tetris... now just gotta do the overlays... i'm redesigned the site... let me know how you like it

February 20, 2001
as i'm sure you noticed, i got a domain finally... www.arcadefanatic.com. its great, no more popups or anything... i'm also working on a new look for my site (here's a preliminary sketch here, as you can tell its very preliminary) i'm also hoping to get a joust soon... hopefully i'll find out tomorrow... nothing else new i guess...

February 15, 2001
I changed the layout of the specific game pages today... made em back to full windows, not popups... made them have in-window selectable pictures... more work on that to come tomorrow, i plan to have a full archive of pictures of all of my games (i've been falling behind) by the end of the week... i should also have a new domain and host as of monday, we'll see... i'm getting sick of those popups, as you may be too... also the message board is down (by me) probably until i get it set up with the new hosts... thanks, let me know how you like the changes i've been working on

February 13, 2001
got rid of my fake ms pac mini... it was a cool cabinet... but glad to be rid of it... also added production number, serial number, number of plays, and what extra i have for each game

February 12, 2001
finally got a graphic in the top left corner that i like... its the mutant hero from 2084!!! trying to figure out how to rearrange my room to fit in my new space duel... or i might let my brother keep champ sprint in his room... i made a quick (read: crappy) ascii art diagram of my room here... its pretty crowded to fit anything else in (although i really like it the way it is now) but i think i might move my file cabinet to the closet (i never use it anyway) and fit space duel in between the door and my desk... but then i worry about it getting scratched on the way in and out... but if i put it on the other side of the desk then the corner of the desk is too close to the corner of robotron and i wont be able to get me (or games) in and out easily... hmm...

February 11, 2001
new game today... i got a space duel upright. i picked it up from a local guy who i've talked to before but never bought from or sold to... good guy dave in walnut creek... nice collection he's got too... its in pretty nice shape... a chunk missing of cpo, and a gash on one sideart... other than those and a few scratches it looks really nice... learning to work on this xy monitor will be fun too :) someone was also supposed to come tonite to pick up my ms pac mini but never showed up or answered my emails... kinda annoying, as its sitting in the hall now waiting to be gone... oh well...

February 10, 2001
alright, no updates to the page today, i'm too lazy... but i got the topglass for my dig dug, which is very nice... i'm going to make a new top wood and then install it this week... i also got the marquee light on my robotron working... my collection seems to really be coming together... and if i dont end up moving to indiana i'll have some nice things to play with... i'll need a new project though... hmm

February 9, 2001
fixed my control wiring problem on my robotron today... and i'm playing around with the look of the site (click on a game above) as well as adding more info about the game, and roms, and flyer scans... more to come tomorrow

February 7, 2001
got a little more work done on my tetris... been a little busy, although i still dont know when i'm moving to indiana... been thinking about some stuff i want for my collection... also took off the poll cuz no one was voting... i was hoping to get a ms pac mini but the owner sold to someone else... oh well... i dunno what i'll get next

February 4, 2001
i must be in the right mood these past couple days... i worked more on my robotron today, fixed a wiring problem (switching p.s. was wired to the aux. plug, so it didnt turn off with the cabinet switch) and i have to do the same thing to my scramble cocktail... i also stripped, primed, and painted the bottom coin door for the robotron... it looks great (almost too nice with the shabby coin door above it... oh well) and installed locks, and a chain to hold the control panel up when its unlatched (shoulda been there already). i also did some work on my tetris ct, i cut the second control panel underneath board, so the joysticks could fit, and drilled holes for the new stick and buttons... tomorrow i'll strip and repaint the cp's, install the NOS CPO's i got... i also took out the underlay artwork, and began to scan and reprint them... should hopefully finish my tetris tomorrow!! anyway, its late, g'nite

February 3, 2001
wow i got a lot accomplished today... first of all i've been working on a new site design with a friend, its looking cool (he's doing all the hard stuff :) but as far as games, i actually did some stuff today and learned a lot!!! first of all i installed Bob Roberts' Lithium Ion battery replacement for my robotron, and in doing so realized that my old battery holder was hiddenly unconnected (from corrosion i think) anyway now it works perfectly!!! i dont have to "advance" to play now!! woo hoo... secondly, i installed my very first Cap Kit... my dig dug cocktail monitor was kind of haphazard, sometimes it would come on, other times not... i was told it was probably a cap and that a cap kit wouldn't hurt, so i gave it my best... and no problems at all!!! i survived the monitor work itself, as well as the smoke test afterward... so i go to bed happy, at 3:34 am... with a working robotron and a working dig dug at my bedside :P

January 28, 2001
well most of my updates now are cosmetic as far as my site is concerned... since i thought i was leaving the state over a week ago, i prepared my collection (downsized) and haven't made any plans for anything new... so what else to do besides beautidy my site :) i am continuing to get rid of frames, except the iframe on the left for my new message board... i like the way it looks... i also got rid of the banner at the top, now you have to close it when you get here (i know, annoying, but until i can afford to buy a real site, live with it... please either email or post on the left any suggestions for my site, or as usual, about arcade stuff or anything else really...

January 27, 2001
ok, i sold the pound for pound... my collection is down to 3 UR's, crazy... revamping the site again by popular demand (damnit alex) i got rid of frames, but kept the basic look... added that cute little curved corner thing... and updated my collection... trying to add a message board thingie like on www.bubblebobble.com but i don't know much about scripts or anything... lmk if you wanna help...

January 17, 2001
sad day, i got rid of my Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters tonight... it was a fun game, an interesting one for sure... well i gotta get rid of something... actually more things, but thats a start... maybe i'll play another one someday...

January 15, 2001
ok... i got my robotron! traded my sinistar for it, its pretty nice... i got it last thursday (i think the 11th)... controls weren't working, but i fixed em... and the tv died yesterday, but i had another laying around, which was the Wells Gardner it should have anyway... Now the only functional problem is that when i boot it i get a "Adjustment Failure" error, i think a battery problem... we'll see... anyway, i'm redoing the site if you can't tell... and updating stuff too (sinistar gone...) and i'm moving the 20th it seems now

January 3, 2001
happy new year, my first update of '01... found out that i'm probably moving to indiana or florida, a big change... will have to leave behind my collection for a year, and am selling some stuff (have a guy getting the eprm next week, posted in the NG some other stuff... will ebay a couple i guess)... i'm trading my sinistar for robotron soon i hope... thats about it

December 7, 2000
finally added hook... and actually updated my about section, and got a PS2 today, and i'm tired and in a bad mood... see ya

November 22, 2000
well tomorrow's turkey day... wow... anyway, not much new... i'm getting closer to getting the Hook pinball machine... also posted all my pcb's that i have... so if interested let me know, trade or sale

November 18, 2000
not much to update... still waiting on a trade my sinistar for a robotron... and i might be getting my first pin!!! a Hook! anyway... thats all i have to say now... but here's a pic of my bedroom (ie: storage space, workroom, arcade) here (imagine the camera spinning around to see form every angle

November 5, 2000
a lot this update: i made it to my first auction, in san jose... yesterday (11-4-00) i didnt buy anything, but i did get something yesterday (check out my scramble) met a lot of fellow RGVAC'ers... i had fun... as for the site, i've added the scramble and i decided to add my ms pac FAKE mini to my page... if you absolutely hate it being on here let me know and i'll consider removing it... it was originally a rally x, converted to a trivia whiz, then to a ms pac and maybe again to a trivia game? anyway, its now a MAME machine running Ms Pac-Man... also started to add some details about each games projects on their pages... check em out

October 31, 2000
got rid of my Up'n Down on Sunday (10-29) to a guy in SF... i need the space, it was a cute game though... took it out of my collection section... also i brought my sinistar upstairs on Sunday too, as well as my system 1 cabinet for SF2 conversion... also, here are more detailed pics of the Williams World CUp playfield i have on ebay at the moment

October 24, 2000
went back a little to the older look, new top part and colors, but not as dramatic of a change :) I got my Dig Dug Cocktail working today!?! so i took that from the Projects section to my collection! i need a topglass and it needs some restoration work, but at least it plays :) i'm happy (this thing was free :)

October 22, 2000
haven't added much (or anything) but i'm trying a new look for the site... please let me know what you think, good or bad... thanks... as far as collecting: i'm looking to trade my sinistar for a robotron, i may be getting a Stern Scramble cocktail, and a pinball machine soon... also buying a motorcycle this week (i hope) so cash flow is at a minimum...

October 15, 2000
Spent a long time working on this today... got new pics of Champ Sprint, EPRM, Tetris up, check em about (click above) also put on everything else i have (left) like artwork and stuff... i'm also interested in getting my first pinball! this is a big step, but i'm excited... wish me luck

October 6, 2000
borrowing a digital camera as of tonite... got up some pics of my new sinistar... and will tomorrow get many more pics (all of my collection as well as some stuff i need to get rid of) so stay tuned and email me at gwarble@hotmail.com for sale, buy, trade, or anything else...

October 2, 2000
been forever since an update, this one will be quick, since i'm revamping the site at the same time... new stuff, a very nice sinistar (pics coming) and two converted junk cabs... began mame-ing the ms pac cabaret (shame on me) and need new joysticks on the tetris cocktail (nintendo wanted) anyway, enjoy and i'll keep updates hopefully... also got a bobble bobble pcb (bootleg of bubble bobble) havent gotten it working yet, but fun game...

July 11, 2000
been a while since an update... got my tetris cocktail finished... will redo the art at some point, but that will have to wait... replaced the power supply and checked up'n down, still no sound (but got the monitor working ok)... decided i will be MAMEing the Ms Pac cabaret, i know its a shame, but parts for it are too expensive... i will hopefully at least restore the artwork and not harm the cabinet so it could be restored in the future... thats all thats new, i will get detailed pics of my tetris conversion when i have time

June 29, 2000
well... i started to convert the galaxian cocktail into a Tetris cocktail... spent about 6 hours on it yesterday, it looks good cosmetically (although there's still more to do) and i started the wiring today, not done... but check out my progress on the collection page. also put all my new stuff into the site, collection, whats coming, wanted... fixed it all

June 26, 2000
i'll write more about my day later, but i got four things today (damn this hobby) i got a Escape from teh Planet of the Robot Monsters for 150 and a bally cocktail (bare) for 50, and two champ sprints for 100, one working, one not... anyway, more detail to come, but you can see some quick snaps here

June 24, 2000
been a while since an update... lets see, that guy bailed on the free cabinet, giving it to a friend who will mame it... on the same trip hopefully will be picking up a EPRM!! can't wait! and maybe a cocktail for my tetris kit... got my free up'n down closer to working with my free monitor! its upside down though, so i gotta cross some wires or rotate it... also i took Combatribes and P.O.W off of my collection list cuz they're just generic jamma cabinets... once i get some artwork and make the cab for a specific game i'll put em back... also, as asked by rgvac, i have scanned in the page from 1982 playboy containing the pattern to use for pacman, be sure to read what it says and see the patterns here

June 14, 2000
got my pound for pound working yesterday, its cool... giving away an empty cabinet tomorrow, make some space for some new stuff... been working on a new project, converting a system 1 cabinet into a Street Fighter 2 CE... its fun... a few adjustments to my site, put cabinet pics up top of my collection... i think i like it

June 12, 2000
getting free stuff is cool, check out here what i got for free today from my operator friend who was cleaning house!!

June 11, 2000
not much new today, been working and partying, no progress... hopefully tomorrow morning i will get my car fixed and get a vertical mounting bracket for my WG to be put into Pound for Pound!!! can't wait to get that thing up and running... also, my friend just got a new place, and wants a game... so i'm trying to figure out what to give him as a loner for a while (i dont have the space anyway, so it works out); pound for pound, a generic jamma cabinet with whatever boards, or an up'n down once its working...

June 8, 2000
couple things... last night i got an empty cabaret... was originally a rally x, but converted to a trivia wiz and a ms pac i guess... i'm gonna "convert" it back to a ms. pacman i think... (let me know if you object)... as far as the site goes, now i have a page for each thing in "my collection" but no pics yet of the up'n down, POW, or combatribes... soon! put them back in the order i got them in, so gng is first and ms pac cabaret is last...

June 6, 2000
well, got some new stuff today... a friend of mine gave me a Pound for Pound (i will be posting the pics to klov soon for it) without a monitor, but i have a couple... its a cool trackball boxing game, and he gave me an Up'N Down, also without a monitor, and this one has never had sound... so i'll try to fiddle with it, but other than that they both work... put em up in My Collection, and although they dont work, (but will soon) i put them above POW and Combatribes because they are dedicated and have artwork (unlike the other two)... will have pics of em soon!

June 3, 2000
first update in the new month... sold the Mortal Kombat II cab today, and made a sold section (right under "for sale")... still have the SF2 CE for sale, check it out under "working games"... will hopefully be putting up pics of my whole "arcade" or bedroom, whatever you wanna call it... although most of my cabinets dont work yet... added combatribes in "my collection" today, cuz even though i've had it as long as POW (both of which are just in generic jamma cabinets) my combatribes PCB seems to have settled in this one... :)

May 31, 2000
helped out my friend (the one i bought gng from) today cleaning up his shop, and he found the venture bezel and marquee that were originally from my cabinet and gave em to me (along with a cool legendary wings poster and a nintendo one from BEFORE they had any video games (shows a generic donkey kong style cab) its cool... anyway, so i got the venture art, kinda wish it had sideart and that the CPO wasnt covered with my gng one, or i would convert it back, but i'll leave it, i like ghosts n goblins :)

May 30, 2000
made some site readjustments, put the coming soon on the left (so you wouldnt think it was coming soon for sale) and broke down for sale into working, cabinets, and parts... also under my collection put marquees (only ones that i dont have pcb's for) and manuals... but it looks like tetris CT manual wont be up til later, sorry

May 29, 2000
put up pics of mortal kombat 2 that is sold, and pics of street fighter 2 CE (or hyperfighting) which someone is interested in, also put up a zip of jpg's of the Tetris cocktail manual (bottom right)

May 27, 2000
lots of stuff this time... its been a busy week, finals week in school, and a smashing pumpkins concert on wednesday (it was awesome, as usual) but now schools out, so i will have lots more time to work on games and this little site... found out i might get a Escape from the planet of the robot monsters, and a bally cocktail for my tetris kit (finally!!!) and found a local guy who is gonna let me come and take measurements of his joust cocktail so i can begin making my replica... can't wait...

May 23, 2000
put up some new for sale stuff, and organized each side (left, my collection, right, sale and wanted)... still working on it

May 22, 2000
not much, just put up sections for RoadBlasters and Chase HQ parts for sale (over on the right)

May 21, 2000
ok, i made my first update (ie: i worked on it some more...) i made a fake mini marquee for F-1 Dream cuz i dont have one and have never seen it. i also got pics of soe stuff today with my new toy: a video capture card... i used my video camera to take snaps of some stuff (some for auction, some for here), so now my very first cabinet can be seen, my ghosts n goblins, just click the marquee on the left to see all about it... thanks

May 20, 2000
Well, all this is new... I finally got something up on my site more than "i started collecting arcade games a few months ago" :) On the left you can see marquee pics of what cabinets and what pcb's i have, and in the future you will be able to see what i had in the past (nothing at the moment, havent sold anything) and what i want. So welcome and enjoy the ride... all marquees at left will eventually link to my pics and info of the game, and soon i will have manuals for everything i have up! So email me (gwarble@hotmail.com) some suggestions and comments, please!