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welcome... so, i love arcade games, what can i say, and even though i was born in the 80s, i prefer the "classics" from that era... i started collecting january of 2000 and have been into it off and on (and always had games) since. i put up this dumb little site to keep a record of my collecting, share my experiences with other collectors, and to improve my html and web programming... enjoy!

June 17, 2004
another sleepless night updating the site... good progress... now i just have to get updated pictures for most of the games... search coming back soon, link-adding and message board now back up and running... yada yada more to come

June 12, 2004
a quick update to the site... i couldn't sleep last night so i decided to clean up the site design... hopefully simplifying it (html-wise) will help me keep it updated better... more to come...

March 16, 2004
got a ms pacman dedicated upright today (all original, off location, pretty worn) from two guys with a route in sonoma (north of me)... pics and info will be up soon

March 05, 2004
k, a small recap... i bought a new joust and a gun smoke at the end of january... sold the gun smoke to a guy from the valley and am planning to sell my old joust to a friend of a friend... i might also be selling my dig dug to mary of mary's futons, a local place here in marin... that will leave me with tetris ct (still at my parents house), hook, galaga, robotron, joust, and smash tv (MAME-ified) here at my apartment... the site has a new look, i put this together the other day... feedback? email me

March 03, 2004
k so i'm finally adding my mame creation to this page (along with a major cleanup, which i call arcadefanatic simplified... if you have any feelings on it, email me... mame page here now, more details and pics on the way

January 28, 2004
k, a quick joust status (until i have a chance to add a joust page)... done in the past night or two: replaced flourescent, coindoor, and start button bulbs; put tape between glass and speaker grill (on inside, to block light); cleaned monitor, glass, bezel, front, etc; fixed ram problem; adjusted monitor to best picture i could get; still to do: replace t-molding (ordered today); fix random horizontal line glitch; install cap kit (jailbars mainly); take pictures for my site... the gun smoke is working, but barely (screen's wigging out, its a WG 4600... which i've never had a good one of... but i'm gonna cap kit it and hopefully give it new life... then probably sell it... or trade it (speaking of trades, i'm looking for a ms pacman now... know of one? email me (

January 26, 2004
wow, it's been a while since the last update... went to reno last week, start school this tuesday... bleh... so i got two new games (hence the update i guess) the other day (on saturday the 23rd) from a guy my roommate met at work and had me email... a gun smoke, scramble cabinet originally, nothing much original left, maybe salvagable "stern" under the grey paint on the entire cabinet... gun smoke is pretty fun i must say, but not something i want to hang on to (if you want it email me)... of course, best for last, i also got a joust! yeah, another one... but this one is really nice... i spent this evening cleaning it up, figuring out what bulbs i need to get at the hardware store tomorrow (the little 6.3vac ones in the coindoor and start buttons, and the flourescent bulb (of course, and i had a new starter just in case)... so i cleaned up the screens,, pics and pages whenever i have time...





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